Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in the KONE API solutions. Once you have logged in, you will gain access to our API documentation and plans.

  1. Create IBM ID account

    Login to the KONE API developer portal requires an IBM ID. You must nominate one person from your organization to act as organization owner in the developer portal and create the IBM ID for that person. An IBM ID can be created at
    Note that IBM IDs are case sensitive.

  2. Provide your contact person's IBM ID to KONE Cloud API team

    New organizations: Please send your organization contact's IBM ID and API organization name to
    We will invite you to your organization within the developer portal. You will receive and e-mail once this is done. This primary account will also be set as the owner of the organization so that you may invite any number of developers to join the organization.

    Hackathon developers: Ask KONE's organizers for instructions on how to join the developer organization set up for the hackathon.

  3. Login to developer portal

    The developer portal site can be reached at You will now have access to "KONE API" products in the "API Products" section.

  4. Register an application

    Using the developer portal, you can register one or more applications to gain authentication credentials to use the API. After an application has been created, store the client ID and client secret created for the application.

  5. Subscribe the application to the KONE API

    Under developer portal, go to 'API Products' page, select the latest version of KONE API and subscribe your application to use it. Select the application you created in previous step. Select an appropriate "Plan" (rate limit) too. Some Plans do not need approval (unlocked icon) and some may need approval (lock icon).

  6. Try the API

    Under the developer portal's "API Products", open the KONE API product (e.g. v3.0.0).

    Under the "API" list, open the API contained in that product: Building API.

    Open a "GET" operation for one of the buildings your organization has access to: "GET /building/{buildingId}".

    Look for "Try this operation" on this page, select your application under "Client ID" and fill in the "Client secret" field with your application's client secret. Fill in the "buildingId" as appropriate for your building (e.g. 9990000508). Set the Content-Type and Accept header fields to "application/vnd.collection+json".

    Clicking on the "Call operation" should respond with an HTTP status code 200 (OK) and Collection+JSON formatted response content.

  7. Start using the API

    In your application, use the endpoint as specified in the developer portal's operations' descriptions. Specify the headers below for each request:

    Content-Type: application/vnd.collection+json
    Accept: application/vnd.collection+json
    x-ibm-client-id: [YOUR APPLICATION SPECIFIC ID]
    x-ibm-client-secret: [YOUR APPLICATION SPECIFIC SECRET]

All done! You are signed up, registered and ready to go.